Twelve early career members with top-scoring abstracts will present their work as a 3-minute talk. They will be challenged to effectively and efficiently communicate their scientific findings to a broad audience using just one slide. Join us to get a glimpse of the innovative obesity research being conducted by your peers and vote on which one you think are the best!

1:40pm T-P-3551 Social Jetlag, Chronotype and Adiposity in Early Adolescence
Authors: Elizabeth Cespedes Feliciano, ScD; Sheryl L Rifas-Shiman, MPH; Mirja Quante, MD; Susan Redline, MD MPH; Emily Oken, MD MPH; Elsie M Taveras, MD MPH
Presenter: Elizabeth Cespedes Feliciano, ScD
1:45pm T-P-3461 Day-to-Day Patterns of Physical Activity in Successful Weight Loss Maintainers
Authors: Eleanor Cotton, BA; Seth A Creasy, PhD; Danielle M Ostendorf, PhD; Kate Lyden, PhD; James O Hill, PhD; Holly Wyatt, MD; Zhaoxing Pan, PhD; Edward Melanson, PhD; David Weitzencamp, PhD; Victoria A Catenacci, MD
Presenter: Eleanor Cotton, BA
1:50pm T-P-3263 Treatment With Ursodeoxycholic Acid Attenuates Weight Gain in a Diet-Induced Obesity Mouse Model
Authors: Kristin Favela, MD; Carson Castillo, BS; Naji Abumrad, MD; Nathan Bingham, MD PhD
Presenter: Kristin Favela, MD
1:55pm T-P-3124 Greater Loss of Central Adiposity From Low-Carbohydrate Versus Low-Fat Diet in Middle-Aged Adults
Authors: Valene Garr Barry, MS; Sarah Tucker, MS; Mariah C Stewart, MS RD LD; Taraneh Soleymani, MD; Amy M Goss, PhD RD; Barbara A Gower, PhD
Presenter: Valene Garr Barry, MS
2:00pm T-P-3242 Reduced Skeletal Muscle Thermogenesis by Excision of the Lumbar Sympathetic Nerve
Authors: Erin E Gorrell, BS; Colleen M Novak, PhD
Presenter: Erin E Gorrell, BS
2:05pm T-P-3303 Early Life Adversity Is Associated With Increased Susceptibility to Brain-Gut Alterations in Obesity
Authors: Arpana Gupta, PhD; Vadim Osadchiy, BS; Jennifer S Labus, PhD; Jonathan Jacobs, MD PhD; Lisa A Kilpatrick, PhD; Claudia P Sanmiguel, MD; Kirsten Tillisch, MD; Bruce Naliboff, PhD; Lin Chang, MD; Emeran A Mayer, MD PhD
Presenter: Arpana Gupta, PhD
2:10pm T-P-3328-DT Obesity and Weight-Related Health as a Function of Discrimination in Underserved Populations
Authors: Mary S Himmelstein, PhD; Rebecca M Puhl, PhD
Presenter: Mary S Himmelstein, PhD
2:15pm T-P-3576 Patients’ Experiences With Received Health Care Services in Individuals With Overweight and Obesity
Authors: Alexandra M Lee, BS; Young-Rock Hong, MPH; Greg Pavela, PhD; Victoria G Williamson; Michelle Cardel, PhD MS RD
Presenter: Alexandra M Lee, BS
2:25pm T-P-3516 Hypothalamic–Habenular–Midbrain Communication Regulates Food Preference in Lean and Obese Rodents
Authors: Richard M O'Connor, PhD; Maria Vittoria MV Micioni Di Bonaventura, PhD; Matthew Howe, PhD; Alexandra G DiFeliceantonio, PhD; Kavya Devarakonda, BS; Paul Kenny, PhD
Presenter: Richard M O'Connor, PhD
2:30pm T-P-3540 Strategies to Promote Healthy Beverages Among Young Children: Perspectives From Stakeholders
Authors: Kelsey A Vercammen, BHSc; Johannah Frelier, MPH; Caitlin M Lowery, MSPH; Alyssa J Moran, ScD RD; Sara N Bleich, PhD
Presenter: Kelsey A Vercammen, BHSc
2:35pm T-P-3483 Physicians’ Political Ideology and Clinical Management of Obesity
Authors: Laura Zatz, MPH; Sara N Bleich, PhD; Matthew Goldenberg, MD MSc; Eitan Hersh, PhD
Presenter: Laura Zatz, MPH